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Rosetta Workflow

As the strong Workflow Software, Windot Digital Workflow is the program developed with the original technology in ID Global .,Inc.

It is common knowledge among printing workers that the ps files caused from many application programs had a lot of troubles when ripping in Rip Server Computer.

Windot Digital Workflow resolved all those troubles clearly. Windot Digital Workflow can resolve whole troubles related to text type, photo, and other problems caused during ripping process in a way that it uniform the result files from several application programs into PDF files format developed in Adobe. And it also performs well with lots of application programs that has been modified and supplemented.

Using Halriqun Scriptwork as basic Rip, The Windot Digital Workflow is able to covert PDF files into low or high resolution Tiff files. In other works, it can create files by targeted resolution.

You are to perform ripping process in short time and see the result instantly, and with the data caused during this process, you can do diverse imposition working by using Windot Imposition Program.

If you have the Job Ticket after imposition working and original files, you will see the result clearly by sending them to the printing devices in several resolution, printer, or plotter

ID Global,.Inc show the excellent power in compatibility or scalability by producing files in Tiff format, worldwide standard format.

  • Supports CIP3 function on old-fashioned print machine
  • Simultaneous combination to both Mac and IBM data.
  • Combination possibility with different dots and lines on a plate-form
  • Simultaneous arrangement of C, M, Y, K on a plate-form and size –optional arrangement.
  • Order for specific functions can be handled within 2 weeks
  • Mark insert, special cutting function etc.
  • Easy-to-learn menu supported by Chinese language
  • Similarity in term-use with manually made plate