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Processors At Polymer FLW Tower

  • 9-channel computer that controls, simultaneously, all the processing phases: Exposure Time / Exp. Main - Exp. UVC - Post Time. Esp - Development temperature - Development time - Dryer temperature - Drying time (one per drawer)
  • The showcase is equipped with a suction plan that, thanks to the high number of lamps, guarantees a uniform coverage
  • Cleaning of the polymer in the stainless steel tank is via the orbital movement of the polymer plate plate (foldable in model A1) and a height-adjustable brush module
  • Anti-tack compartments (A2 and A3 models) and anti-tack post-exposure (for A1 format) with suction unit
  • Lamp counters
  • Sand filtration units

Processors at Polymer FLW Tower


Max Sheet Size (mm) 370×520 530x760 710x890
Max Sheet Size (inches) 14"x20" 20"x29" 27"x35"
Lamps esp. GRAPES 9x40W 10R L.590 12x60W 10R L.900 15x60W 10R L.1200
UVC lamps 10x15W L.437 12x30W L.900 13x36W L.1200
Lamapde post.esp. GRAPES - - 14x60W 10R L.1200
Stainless steel tank (liters) 27 50 110
Power (kw) 3.5 10 10
Resistance (kW) 2x600 4x600 6x600
Power 230V (3PH+GND) 60Hz
400V (3PH+N+GND) 50Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH) (cm) 75x105x120 108x110x120 145x115x135
Weight (kg) 210 310 520