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Germicide UVC

  • Post-exposure anti-tack compartment (excluding A2 model)
  • Complete with aspiration for exhaust fumes
  • Stainless steel drawer
  • Timer
  • Apply all safety measures to avoid direct irradiation of UVC lamps

From Table


A2 A1 30/40 36/47 42/60
Exposure Format (mm) 530x760 710x890 780x1030 920x1220 1070x1530
Exposure Format (inches) 20"x29" 27"x35" 30"x40" 36"x48" 42"x60"
Fans 1 1 2 2 2
Power (kW) 1 2 2 2.5 4
Power 230V MONO 60Hz
UVA lamps - 13x60W 10R L.1200 14x60W 10R L.1200 17x80W 10R L.1500 28x60W 10R L.1200
UVC lamps 12x30W L.894 12x36W L.1200 16x60W L.1500 16x60W L.1500 27x60W L.1500