Kisun UV and Primer Coating

Digi UV Coater

The Digi Multi Coater is three in one system for UV, Primer, and Water-based Liquid coating. Digi UV Coaters are compatible with most offset digital press, inkjet, and photo based prints.

The design of the Digi Multi Coater allows for simple operation from start to finish. Warm-up, prepara-tion, finish selection, coating, and cleaning are fully automated and controlled through the user-friendly touch screen. Two separate coating paths allow for the easy use of both matte and glossy finishes along with a selection of differently textured rollers. The Digi Multi Coater is the smartest coa-ting system for all digital press, litho graphics, photos and more

Digi UV Coater
Digi UV Coater Series

Product Description


Specifications of Digi UV Coater

Coating Thickness Variable from 6 to 14Microns
Maximum coating material weight 400gsm
Coating technology UV coating 100% curable, primer coating, water-based liquid coating, Heater
Coater/Curing unit Integrated one unit with concealed conveyor path
Speed 30 ~ 35 meter per minute
Coating size (width) 17R(17”, 432mm), 20R(20”, 508mm), 24R(24”, 610mm), 36R(36”, 914mm)
Coating varnish Matte, Luster
Power consumption 10 ~ 20Kw
Power Supply 210 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase or 380 ~ 415V, 50/60Hz, Three Phase.
Dimensions (L x W x H mm) 17R(1350 x 780 x 1110), 20R(1350 x 850 x 1110) 24R(1350 x 1030 x 1110), 36R(1620 x 1330 x 1190)
Options Automatic deep pile feeder, Automatic stacker
Auto Feeder Stack Pile Height Max. 650mm
Auto Stacker Pile Height Max.540mm