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Digi Lami

The Digi Lami is designed and developed for particular purpose to give right and easy solutions for digital prints film laminating as well as for offset prints. Digi Lami is compact design completed with feeder, quick set-up, rapid heating & recovery, stable nipping pressure control and our own special X-unit for toner or wax treatment to clear film separation troubles caused on digital prints laminating in usual.

X-unit doesn't request to use any special or expensive laminating film for toner or wax based digital prints. All operations are controlled through the user-friendly touch screen. Digi Lami provides the best solution to difficult laminating jobs with saving film cost and strong bonding quality.

Digi Lami

Product Description


Specifications of Digi Lami

Application Digital prints, Offset prints, Photo prints, etc.
Speed Max. 25m/min. Operation 15/min.(2,500sheets/hour – A3)
Laminating technology Thermal laminating
Paper size (W x L) Max. 520 x 720mm, Min. 210 x 250mm
Substrate weight 115 ~ 350gsm
Applicable film OPP, PET, Nylon
X-Unit Toner and Wax treatment device
Feeder pile height 400mm
Film roll size Max. 350mm
Dimensions (L x W x H mm) 2340 x 920 x 1250mm
Power consumption 7Kw, 30AMP
Power Supply 210 ~ 240V, Single Phase, 50/60Hz
Option Jogging Table, Perforation, Slitting, Auto Stacker