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Digi Compact Coater

The Compact Digi UV Coater is ideal for all types of small format digital press prints. The unique roller application system and UV curing dryer produce a fast quality product. From the innovative and intui-tive touch screen, it is easy to monitor and operate both the feeder and coater functions.

As the unique coating roller system and UV curing dryer work quickly to produce high quality finished prints. The top feeder is capable of accepting up to 200mm (8 inch) high stack of sheets and is ideal for running small to medium volume jobs. Similar to the bigger series of Digi UV coaters, the Com-pact model can accept a paper thickness up to 4COgsm, with an adjustable coating thickness of 6-14 microns. The innovative smart vanish supply and automatic dean-up systems are technologies offered only by Digi UV coaters. If you need fully customizable dig ital print finishing and protection for your small to medium digital print runs, the Compact Digi UV coater is for you.

Digi Compact Coater Digi Compact Coater

Product Description


Specifications of Digi Compact Coater

Coating Thickness Variable from 6 to 14 Microns
Maximum coating material weight 400gsm
Coating technology UV coating 100% curable and Heater
Coater/Curing unit Integrated one unit with concealed conveyor path
Speed 30 ~ 35 meter per minute
Coating size (width) 13inch(330mm)
Coating varnish Glossy, Matte, Luster
Coating pattern Smooth or textured (roller changeable)
Power consumption 8KW
Power Supply 210 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase or 380 ~ 415V, 50/60Hz, Three Phase
Dimensions (L x W x H mm) 710 (28”) x 610 (24”) x 1060 (42”) mm
Options Automatic pile feeder. (13 RTF)
Auto Feeder Stack Pile Height Max. 200mm(8”)