Kisun UV and Primer Coating

Digi Co Primer

Digi Co-Primer is designed to improve the printing, coating, laminating quality on the substrate of high surface tension as paper, plastic, etc by increasing surface energy. Corona treatment and primer coating method are universally used in printing industry like flexible packaging, label, litho-graphic printing.

Digi Co-Primer is downsized compact system applicable all types of digital print media before or after printing. Corona treatment unit and primer coater are independent each and can be used together. Therefore, it is possible to have each system separately in case.

Digi Co Primer

Product Description


Specifications of Digi Co Primer

Power Source Corona- 200~240V, 50/60Hz, 1P Primer-380~415V, 50/60Hz, 3P
Power Consumption Corona-2Kw, Primer-9Kw
High Frequency output 7KV
Operating Frequency 20~50Khz
Recifier IGBT Type
Operating system Conventional button
Max. Generating Bar Length 520mm
Standard Type of Generating bar Ceramic bar
Standard dielectric substance Silicone roll
Dielectric substance roll width 600mm
Working width 520mm
Heater power 8Kw
No. of Tank 2개2 tanks
Automatic primer pump circulation type
Line Speed 30meter/min
Coating system Silicon roller coating
Dimension(Corona + Primer) L 2200 x W 870 x H 1050mm
Weight(Corona + Primer) Abt. 300 Kgs.