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Digi Caser

New Casemaker Digi Caser- the standard of compact on-demand case making machine with automatic turning-in and gluing. Digi Caser is optimum semi-automatic case maker designed for short & medium run jobs. With automatic turning-in, gluing and convenient board feeder, it makes various products such as hard book cover, desk top calendar, box file and more.

All operation is very easy for non-skillful people to handle. The flexibility of size change or easy job change is offered to produce short-run jobs. Automatic turning-in system and board feeder device improve the productivity and quality of products with fast convenience in operation.

Digi Caser

Product Description


Specifications of Digi Caser

Production speed Approx. 150covera/hour (variable upon the size)
Paper Gluing width Max. 450mm
Type of Glue Cold or Hot
Glue tank capacity 12 litre
Max. board feeding size 810 x 380mm
Min. board feeding size 150 x 150mm
Thickness of board material min. 1.8mm and max. 3mm
Board pile height max.300mm
Max. case making size 810 x 380mm
Min. Case macking size 150 x 150mm
Minium turning-in flap size 15mm
Air consumption 0.6Mpa = 6 bar
Power consumption 220V, 3Kw, 15Amp
Machine dimension L 1500 x W 1300 x H 1300mm
Machine Weight 450Kg