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Automatic CTP (Thermal vs UV)

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Automatic CTP (Thermal vs CTP) Printer

Specifications of Automatic CTP (Thermal vs UV)

Model Thermal UV CTP
Yinber 8300B Yinber 8500B Yinber 8600B Yinber 9300B Yinber 9500B Yinber 9600B
No. of Lasers 32 48 64 32 48 64
Productivity (1130x800mm) 17 24 29 17 24 29
Max./Min. Format (Max.) : 1160mmx940mm (Min.) : 350mmx400mm
Laser Source 830nm 405nm
Resolution 2400 dpi (Resolution can be customized)
Loading System Automatic, Semi Auto (Optional Auto-loader)
Plates Requirement 0.15-0.4mm
(Thermal plates, no brand requirement)
(UV plates, no brand requirement)
CTP Interface 1-bit Tiff CIP3/CIP4
1-bit Tiff interface and direct workflow driver, support CIP3/CIP4
Power AC220V, 50-60Hz 8KVA
Environment (Temperature) : 20-25°C (Humility): 40%-80%
Size and Weight (Size) : 2020mmX1000mmX930mm
(Weight): 1500kg
(Size) : 1900mmX1200mmX1000mm
(Weight): 1000kg